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W Christianlovedating.com Love Dating Reg Ward - pedia, the free encyclopedia

W Christianlovedating.com Love Dating

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Ward was eased out of his job shortly after the deal on Canary Wharf was signed. However, he is now viewed as the main driver in Government behind the extraordinary change and development in London Docklands.

Career after LDDC[edit]

Ward went on to work in Barcelona and Sydney on major regeneration projects before being appointed to head the regeneration of St Kitts in the Caribbean.

In his later years, he ran his own consultancy company and was a regular contributor to debates on urban regeneration and the future of the Thames Gateway.

Private life[edit]

Ward married Betty in 1954. They had met in nursery school and she predeceased him in early 2010. They had two children.


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Name Ward, Reg
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Short description English businessman
Date of birth 5 October 1927
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Date of death 6 January 2011
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